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Tahiri 03-17-2020 08:45 AM

Keep safe out there
This Coronavirus is kicking our collective asses. I'm hoping everyone is keeping safe and keeping up with best practices (hand washing, social distancing, refraining from licking park benches).

SwordFish 03-22-2020 10:34 PM

Re: Keep safe out there
Hey Tah!

Yea. Crazy times. So weird - I just checked this site on a whim. My daughter Lydia was born 2wks ago. It’s been difficult as we can’t have anyone over to meet her - or get support from friends /family. Not all bad though. I bought a bunch of liquor and snacks to host people - and because no one can come over - I have been drinking and eating it all myself. Hah!

Stay safe yourself. All the best.

Tahiri 11-20-2020 02:50 PM

Re: Keep safe out there
So, it's been 8 of the weirdest months of my life. 100% work remote and will be until summer of next year.

Jelle 11-23-2020 09:04 AM

Re: Keep safe out there
This in Belgium have been disappointingly bad, too, looking at the numbers, and people in my neighborhood, or when I see people at train stations... People are whining about tightened measures and not realizing that their lack of taking this thing seriously is why the measures have to be tightened up in the first place. People in NZ are going out and seeing movies, people here refuse to acknowledge their part.

Sad, rough times.

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